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For 25 years I have worked at a bench doing research in heart development. Sitting for hours doing microsurgery using a microscope resulted in my neck and head being in front of my shoulders. Trying to stand tall and straight to improve my posture had little effect. I realized that time and work have taken a toll on my body.

So, I committed to a ten-session Rolfing program to improve my posture. I noticed an immediate difference. There is more movement in my neck and my chest seems to expand and allow me to breath more deeply.  In general, my entire body feels lighter and more youthful.

Of all the things I do for the maintenance of my physical person, I feel that Rolfing has made the most definitive difference. In the life-long discipline of prevention and repair, these sessions with Bethany have made a singular impression on me. I feel improved and encouraged to continue and expand the job of caring for myself. Thank you Bethany



I have been a physical therapist for over 20 years. I started working with Bethany for my own health about 2 years ago.

I have the highest respect for her work and believe it to be a fabulous supplement to physical therapy exercises. If it were up to me, nearly all my patients would receive Rolfing in conjunction with physical therapy. Her assessments are thorough, and she has an extensive knowledge of the anatomy of muscles and fascia. She is very sensitive to the intensity of treatments, matching patient tolerance well.

I had been experiencing TMJ issues for a few months and presented this problem to Bethany. She worked with my jaw one time and I have not had any further problems for over 6 months.

I have also use her for work on my hip and back and neck all with great results. It has become obvious, over the years, the profound effect that posture and loss of joint motion can play in human health and function. I think Rolfing can be particularly helpful where joint stiffness is an issue. This has certainly been true for me personally.



"Got back last night from four days of golf without injury, and played with more flexibility than I've had in years. Tell your Rolfing students that I was able to turn more on the backswing, and was especially pleased that I could follow through further, more easily. Not Tiger, but close. Equally important is the fact I felt more balanced over the ball, as I have in walking. Posture also feels better, even at my age! So, when I get back in town, please expect me to schedule a mini series "tune-up."

Can only attribute my increased flexibility to Rolfing, since I did not go to the chiropractor as I had planned. That gives both me, and you, a fair evaluation of the impact. ”



"As a pharmacist, I'll admit I had some skepticism when my physician recommended Rolfing for my occasional (but increasing) bouts of sciatic pain. I had had sciatic pain before, and was disheartened that it seemed to be coming back, and on the opposite side from where I'd experienced it previously. Regular massages hadn't helped, and stretching after exercise provided only temporary relief. After asking around, the one name that kept popping up was Bethany Ward. I went to my first session and, upon meeting Bethany, was immediately reassured. She's grounded, intelligent, extremely knowledgeable, and not only understood my skepticism, but had experienced it herself when she was first introduced to Rolfing.

I knew I had found the right person to try Rolfing with, but would it actually do anything? Within a couple of sessions, my walking had changed to the point that even my husband noticed it. The muscles in my hips, shoulders and chest felt more open, less constricted, and my sciatica went away. Six months later, it has not come back, not even a hint of it, for which I am extremely grateful."



"I've done massage, chiropractic and physical therapy for about 15 years. Rolfing with Bethany Ward at ActionPotential has succeeded in results and long-term improvement where everything else was coming up short. I feel great every day and everything, including fitness training, is easier. I'm still amazed at what a positive change I've experienced.



"I am 33 years old. At the ages of 21 and 28 I was involved in two separate accidents, which resulted in breaking both my left and right tibia/fibula. While the medical doctors stated that had I adequately recovered to my original condition I always thought there was still something about my body that was not right. My lower legs had a mild case of numbness in someBefore & after Rolfing areas, and if I ever ran more than 2 miles, my knees and lower back would become sore. In addition to these obvious ailments – I also still felt like my body was not straight.

Knowing my history, my chiropractor recommended Rolfing to me. After the very first treatment I knew I had found the solution – by the time I hit session 7, I had my old body back. I had forgotten what it was like to be balanced and straight. My running greatly improved, as did all other aspects of my life that involved me being on two feet. While I used to be a regular at the chiropractic office – I now only visit them occasionally if I hurt myself or I am sick.

Bethany Ward is an outstanding Rolfer and has my highest recommendation. She is professional, knowledgeable and intuitive. Overall, the ten sessions I had with Bethany were outstanding and life changing. As I move home to Australia, I can only hope to find a Rolfer at least half as good as Bethany.”



"I was told my scoliosis would give me trouble as I got older. I managed it well until my mid-forties when I was teaching elementary school full time. My lower back ached continually and my chiropractic adjustments relieved the pain for only a couple of days at a time. I cut my hours to part-time but the pain persisted and spread down my sciatic nerve of my right leg. Physical therapy and Pilates actually made it worse and doctors offered painkillers and a back brace, saying I'd eventually need surgery. I'd heard about Rolfing from a friend and found Bethany's website, ActionPotential, on line and thought it was worth a try.

ter only a couple of visits I was blown away by how much better I felt. Getting up in the morning and walking down the stairs was no longer the painful ordeal it had been for years. With each visit my body fell into better alignment making my stiff and painful movements free of pain. No pills, no surgery. Bethany has the Rolfing training combined with an innate intuitive, accurate skill that is nothing short of amazing. My body feels years younger.


Before & after Rolfing

When Rolfing was suggested to me by an osteopathic physician, I didn't have a clue: A) what it was, nor B) how it could impact my life; I came on faith, really. Ten sessions later, I'm grateful for the referral and continue to marvel at the results. The strain/sprain that gave rise to my visit has disappeared. In addition, residual from a frozen shoulder years before improved markedly — something I hadn't even thought about. In the future, my first line of defense for any body interference will be Rolfing.



"I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to work with Bethany. I originally decided to go through a Rolfing ten-series as a complement to my yoga practice. The series was a great experience and has benefited me on many levels. I’ve noticed a decrease in the amount of the tension I hold in my upper back, neck and shoulders along with an improvement in my posture both when standing and seated at a desk. I am more aware of my alignment in my daily activities and know how certain habits and patterns compromise it. I am able to use my yoga practice to work on structural integrity. I better understand how I hold stress and emotions in my body.
I often felt as if something had shifted during the Rolfing sessions, or was unblocked and released. My body felt energetic, relaxed and I had a lot of clarity. This work helped me feel more grounded and strong especially during stressful situations. I also want to mention that Bethany helped alleviate some acute pain from scar tissue on a joint in my index finger. I would highly recommend the ten-series with Bethany and appreciate her knowledge, skill and kindness.



"For at least five years I have had increasing pain in my right hip and leg. The condition grew worse throughout the years. At times, I could not drive my car for more than 15 minutes without pain. I could not walk the dog. I could not stand or kneel at church. On December 2, 2002 I wrote in my calendar that it was the last day of my life that I would ever run. I was only 53.

The pain was constant shortly after starting to run. I would get severe cramps. I gained weight because I couldn’t exercise. I became depressed and ate more. Last year it became unbearable.

Doctors couldn't determine the cause of the pain. X-rays were taken several times over the years. I got an MRI. I was given all kinds of pills. I was given a deep hip injection. I was referred to physical therapy. Nothing alleviated the pain very much or for very long.

Several months ago, my primary care physician referred me to an orthopaedic surgeon who, after several appointments, referred me to a spinal column specialist/surgeon. I also went to a chiropractor. No one could determine the cause or do much about the pain. Someone suggested trying massage therapy and Rolfing and recommended Bethany Ward.

In the first session, March 19, 2005, Bethany reviewed my medical history with me to understand everything I had already tried. She examined my legs and hips and developed a strategy based on my alignment and muscle patterns. She did this without x-rays, MRIs, or equipment. By the end of the first session, there was a noticeable difference.

We started a 10-session Rolfing program which ended today, June 17, 2005. My condition has almost been completely resolved. I can run, walk, kneel, and stand without pain for the first time in over five years. I had accepted the fact that I would essentially be crippled for the rest of my life and she changed all that."



"It was fun seeing the differences I noticed in my body after each session. There was a huge improvement in one of my shoulders after the first session. That shoulder had not felt comfortable for a long time, probably due to having carried a heavy shoulder strap purse for years. After session seven, I loved the way my head felt more squarely over my neck, and my sister commented on my improved posture."


"Twenty years of work-related poor posture and repetitive stress injuries had left me so sore and stiff that I was starting to wonder how much longer I could continu
e working as a dental hygienist. My physician had prescribed medication for my pain, which included severe neck stiffness and discomfort, lower back spasms, and numbness and tingling in my hands. He had also diagnosed me as having early carpal tunnel symptoms and told me I would probably need surgery some day. In addition, a horseback riding accident in 1999 resulted in a broken hip and damaged muscles in my lower back, which caused enough residual pain and stiffness that it affected my ability to walk and sleep comfortably — or even to be effective riding a horse. Physical therapy plus stretches and exercise had allowed me to regain some comfort and use of my body, but I was still frustratingly far away from being as athletic as I had been before.

I had been aware of Rolfing for years and when I decided to become more proactive in addressing my accumulating aches and pains, I decided to give it a try. I was so fortunate to find Bethany Ward. After studying her website and talking with her, I decided to do the Ten-Series along with the BioPrint corrective postural report. Bethany has an amazing knowledge of anatomy and function; from the very first session, I started feeling better.
I knew I had accumulated a few postural problems but was shocked to see in my initial evaluation photographs how out of alignment I was. After completing the Ten-Series, there has been a significant change in my posture, most of my aches and pains are gone, and I have regained a much higher comfort level. My riding has improved dramatically since I am no longer stiff and crooked, and I enjoy my work again. Bethany and the BioPrint evaluation each gave me specific stretches and exercises to help me maintain all the good the Rolfing did. Rolfing was the best investment in my health that I have ever made."



"After many years of multi-sport training, I had gotten my body tied up in such tight knots that I could barely move. Not only had I reached a plateau in my fitness level, but just walking itself had become painful. Any additional training I attempted only resulted in severe leg and back pain. To address this, my personal physician referred me to: a physical therapist, a chiropractor, a massage therapist and an acupuncturist. After having multiple sessions in all of these specialized areas of health care, nothing helped. I still could not move freely, let alone train competitively.

Evidently, my problem (and almost everybody else who experiences pain in movement) was that I had areas of incredibly tight fascia. Who knew?? Well Rolfers’ knew!

Finally, in desperation, I went to see Bethany Ward, a local Certified Rolfer. The concept behind Rolfing is to rebalance fascia that completely envelops our entire body, restoring your body with as many independent moving parts (bones and muscles) as you were born with. This is carried out over a series of ten Rolfing sessions, each focusing on a different body group. Simply stated, the results of this Rolfing series provide a body with complete freedom of movement.

Rolfing not only enables athletes to train at a higher level, but can provide everyone with increased, pain-free, mobility. As an added bonus, Bethany is an expert in this field of providing pain-free mobility, and shares her knowledge as she conducts the Rolfing series, thereby educating clients’ minds as she frees their bodies from pain and limitations. I can highly recommend Bethany’s Rolfing series to everyone who feels pain or limitations in their movement."



"My posture has been lousy all my life and has caused me considerable embarrassment. My Dad used to harass me about standing up straight, but try as I would, I could not stand up in my own version of straight without feeling tension and pain in my back and ribs. As soon as I let down my guard I’d catch myself slouching again, since I felt more comfortable that way. It wasn’t until I was an adult that a doctor told me I had scoliosis, but he had no solutions to offer. I’d just have to live with it.

Needless to say, a lifetime of bad posture resulted in frequent back pain punctuated with occasional acute attacks that sent me running to a chiropractor for temporary relief ... until the next time. Every morning I’d wake up with a stiff neck that sometimes continued unabated for days or weeks. I tried many things to straighten myself out ... yoga, backboards, massage, spine rollers, Pilates...and while I imagined that I stood up straighter, I never really felt at ease in my body or entirely without pain. I finally decided that the doctor was probably right. I’d just have to live with it.

This past summer I went for a 6-day hike on the Appalachian Trail and hurt my knee, which in turn aggravated my back. Two days after I returned home I couldn’t stand up. I could not find a chiropractor who would agree to help me without subjecting me to a bunch of x-rays. Then I saw an ad for ActionPotential, Bethany Ward’s Rolfing studio, and checked out her website. I’d heard of Rolfing but didn’t know much about it. The web site was full of information about the process of Rolfing, what to expect, how it works. I felt intuitively that this could be an answer for me and I called for an appointment. That was five months and ten sessions ago and I haven’t been the same since.

From the first session, the neck pain that greeted me every morning disappeared and has not returned, along with the low back and knee pain that I came in with. The tight band around my ribs is gone and my breathing is effortless. My whole body feels more at ease and I don’t have to make myself stop slouching. I’m still pleasantly surprised to catch my reflected image standing up straighter without any effort at all. I no longer thrust my head in front of my shoulders or look at the ground when I walk because it’s more comfortable that way. I may never have a perfectly normal spine, but the improvement in my posture and function is huge and I don’t feel self-conscious anymore. I’m grateful to have found a knowledgeable practitioner who is so committed to her craft and to her clients’ well-being. Thank you, Bethany."



"Rolfing is an eminently rational approach to helping restore the structural integrity of the human body. In undergoing a series of Rolfing sessions I was extremely impressed by the skills and knowledge of Ms. Bethany Ward. Among the benefits that I experienced was the dramatic resolution of a long standing shoulder problem and contrary to my expectations, the process was not painful."



"Rolfing changed my life. While such a statement may sound dramatic, I do not believe it to be an exaggeration. At the age of 17 I was involved in a rappelling accident and ended up having reconstructive surgery on two crushed vertebrae. After the accident my doctor failed to recommend any type of physical therapy; regaining my strength and mobility was a lengthy, painful process.

Several years after the accident I was still experiencing a great deal of pain in my lower back on a day to day basis. Sitting at a desk or even on a couch for more than 15 minutes caused extreme discomfort. After trying numerous chiropractors without much change, someone recommended Rolfing as a possible alternative. I had seen an ad in a local newspaper for Bethany’s practice so, thinking it couldn’t hurt anything, I decided to give Rolfing a try.

My first visit opened my eyes to how the practice of Rolfing approached the body in a manner vastly different from medical doctors, physical therapy, and even chiropractic. As Bethany began explaining how the entire body works together as a complete system (with each part having influence on all the other parts) it just made so much sense. Yet, never had any of the other methods of therapy I had sought ever taken this 'integrative approach.'

I remember how I had come in complaining of back pain and Bethany began working on my feet and legs – it seemed a little odd, but as I stuck with it I began to experience positive results. Slowly, over the next two months, bad habits with my posture, stance, and way of walking were corrected. I was able to sit in one place for longer periods of time and I began sleeping better at night.

Today, though my job requires me to sit at a computer all day, I experience very little (if any discomfort). When my back or neck begins to feel tight, I pay a visit to Bethany and she is always able to relieve my discomfort. Based on my experience, I cannot say enough good about Rolfing and I frequently recommend Bethany to friends and acquaintances."



"After turning 50, I started having problems with my left leg and hip area. I found myself needing orthotics at the advice of my chiropractor, as he said my leg had shortened. This was not the answer as pain persisted and my quality of life was diminishing. I feared the worst: Hip degeneration. Being postmenopausal, I wondered, "Will I need hip surgery?" After a number of acupuncture treatments and no major relief, a visit to an orthopedic weighed heavily on my mind.

Then I found Bethany and was attracted to the idea of integral bodywork of Rolfing. With all the faith and determination I had, we moved into a 10-session series. Within four or five sessions, I was seeing results: No more orthotics, pain diminishing, and restful nights. By the tenth session, I was skipping down the road — a little — but skipping nonetheless! The whole approach of deep issue work along with stretching on my right thigh enabled my left hip area to relax back into place. I cried with relief and excitement at the outcome of our work together which allowed me an active life again. I can say with much heartfelt enthusiasm, This is just unbelievable!!!"



"I am a 52-year-old schoolteacher, who leads an extremely active life. I am involved in a wide array of sports, ranging from rowing, biking and swimming to less vigorous pursuits like golf and target archery. I use my body hard! I am always looking for another way to make my body work well. At the suggestion of a therapist friend, I decided to try RoIfing to add to my 'holistic development.'

I found Ms. Ward’s business, ActionPotential, in the yellow pages, and gave her a call. I was immediately impressed with abilities of Ms. Ward and the potential of Rolfing to help make my body a better functioning machine. Even though I came to Rolfing with a body that was not drastically dysfunctional, I noticed immediate beneficial changes in nagging problem areas, such as neck and shoulder pain and hand numbness. Not only was I given expert care, but Ms. Ward taught me some great proactive stretches that have really helped my athletic performance. Rolfing will continue to have a regular place in my personal array of treatments that make me better."



"The ten Rolfing sessions I did with Bethany helped me to improve my posture, and to get rid of pain in a number of problem areas such as my lower back, shoulders, and ankles. Thanks to Bethany's explanations I now have a much better understanding of the role of connective tissue in my body. The combination of the exercises she suggested, and the improved awareness of my body, is helping me to maintain and improve my increased movement. I am planning to return in the future for tune-up sessions."



What People Worldwide are Saying about Rolfing®...


Larry Dossey, MD, best-selling author
"There is one major reason to take Rolfing seriously: it works. Not only can it dramatically change people's bodies, it can transform their lives as well. Rolfing is powerful stuff."

Jim Mongomery, MD, orthopedic surgeon
Mongomery often refers his clients to Rolfing: "I send a variety of my clients to a Certified Advanced Rolfer, Nicholas French. People with shoulder and elbow problems, with scar tissue resulting from injury or surgery, chronic hamstring problems, low back and cervical spine problems. People that have had chronic problems that have not been helped by anything else. All those people can be helped with Rolfing."

Karlis Ullis, MD, Team physician for 1992 summer Olympics; Sports Medicine and Anti-Aging Medical Group, Santa Monica, CA
"Athletes always need help with chronic injuries, muscular strains and overuse. The Olympic athletes wouldn't have as many injuries if they had appropriate soft tissue therapy. Rolfing is valuable for athletes in high level competition to address the build up of scar tissue and disarrangement of myofascial tissue that occurs from training, competition, and injury." Dr. Ullis has provided medical expertise to athletes at five Olympic games, including Lillehammer, Albertville, and Barcelona, in the fields of figure skating, cross country skiing, bobsleigh, biathlon, track and field, among others.

Bret Nye, MD and Certified Advanced Rolfer
"Demand for the services of health practitioners like Rolfers is growing as evidenced by the November, 1998 JAMA estimate of $21.2 billion being spent for alternative medicine in 1997. Integrative health care is a new trend, that combines Western and complementary medicines to offer the best technological advances in health care. Health insurance companies are increasingly becoming interested in therapies like Rolfing not only as potential cost effective alternatives or complements to traditional modalities, but as opportunities to provide coverage for services that will distinguish them in an increasingly competitive marketplace of providers."


The Phoenix Suns—first major NBA Basketball team to have a Certified Advanced Rolfer. "Phoenix Suns guard, Danny Ainge, who has been Rolfed for years, recommended the therapy to Charles Barkley. Other Suns, Mark West and A.C. Green, also have been Rolfed.” —Arizona Republic, May 1994

Three Olympic athletes trained at the Rolf Institute in June 1998
John Bauer, 1992 and 1998 Olympian Nordic Skier; Grant Ernhardt, US Biathlon team member; and Gary Colliander, Minnesota Biathlete; commenced Rolfing training. They say that a career in bodywork fits athletes’ lifestyles and furthers their training.

Sarah Will, 1998 US Paralympic Gold Medal Skier
"Rolfing gives you a competitive edge as an athlete.” Will, a paraplegic athlete and member of the US Disabled Ski Team, credits her five gold metals to Rolfing.

Bob Tewksbury, pitcher for the Minnesota Twins
"I have received many benefits from Rolfing. In 1991, my massage therapist recommended it as a way to get a deeper level of work. Although the benefits of muscle work come and go depending on when and how regularly I get Rolfing work, I have noticed long lasting benefits with regard to my breathing, posture and body awareness. I have used Rolfing mainly in two areas: for my lower and upper back to help with flexibility and stiffness and to enhance my performance. I plan to use it again."

Sharon Sander, ranked second on the US Pentathlon team
"I recommend Rolfing for any athlete who has ever had trouble with injuries or doesn't feel like they are reaching their potential."

Craig Swan, former New York Mets pitcher
"Bodywork can extend athletic careers," says Swan, whose career ended due to injury. "I truly believe if I had been Rolfed earlier in my career, I would still be pitching.” Swan’s recovery from a pitching injury inspired him to become a Rolfer and help others. His clients include former baseball star, Tom Seaver and tennis champion, Ivan Lendl.

Michelle Kwan and Elvis Stojko, 1998 Olympic Silver Medalists
Elvis Stojko introduced Helen James (a physical therapist and Certified Advanced Rolfer) to Michelle Kwan during the Campbell Soup Tour of World Figure Skating Champions. Stojko, who has benefited from James' expertise since 1995 says, "Rolfing helped me to find my center of balance for competition; it puts my body in place." Working with Olympic and world champion figure skaters is nothing new for James. She says, "It's key for figure skaters like Michelle and Elvis, to find an exact, balanced position in space. Balance and integration are the primary goals of the Rolfing process. Athletes find they have fewer injuries and recover more quickly through Rolfing work. They feel lighter and have more energy because they're not working as hard. They perform and complete their jumps with more ease."

Joe Greene, two-time U.S. Olympic bronze medal long jumper
"Rolfing works. It really makes a huge difference. I've been in track and field a long time and wish I had known about it sooner. My stomach tenses and my hips tighten when I jump. The Rolfing bodywork helped me to breathe and I felt taller."


Leon Fleisher, virtuoso concert pianist
"When a crippling hand injury ended his performing career, Peabody pianist, Leon Fleisher went down a different musical road. Thirty years later, he's turned up an unexpected corner (when he met Certified Advanced Rolfer, Tessy Brunghardt)...The [Rolfing] results were remarkable." —John Hopkins Magazine, 1995

Levar Burton, actor
"The Rolfer works on fascia which is the thin sheath of white tissue that covers the musculature. By manipulating the fascia you manipulate the musculature, and in turn the skeletal structure, so you bring alignment to the body... It can be very healing, cleansing and balancing for the body."—Oprah, July 7, 1996

Willie Nelson, songwriter
"My wife recommended [Rolfing] highly", says Willie Nelson, "The first of ten sessions fixed [my back pain]." —New York Times, Feb. 23, 1995

Sam Keen, best-selling writer, former Psychology Today editor, and co-producer of award winning PBS documentary Faces of The Enemy
"Bodywork has allowed me at age 65 to live as vigorously as I want to, in an embodied way. Nine months ago I started studying flying trapeze work, and I couldn’t have done it without Rolfing."—Whole Life Times, August, 1994


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